Alessandra Bellino – Naples, 1970 (Italy)

 First-class degree in piano, with special mention, together with the concert activity, the humanistic and organ studies, she has studied composition with Bruno Mazzotta,  getting a diploma with full marks.

In 2002 she graduates  in Composition with full marks at the National Academy of S. Cecilia with Azio Corghi (President L. Berio).

She specializes at the ChigianaMusicalAcademy, receiving a scholarship   and a special mention. She specializes with Ivan Fedele in 2005  and   she graduates with honours in Musical Disciplines – Technological Area in Composition at the Conservatory of Music in Bari.

She has written for different ensemble, for orchestra and for theatre with executions in Italy and foreign countries: Settimana Musicale Senese, Dissonanzen+SuonaFrancese, Nuova Consonanza- New Auditorium Park of the Music in Rome, Antidogma Musica in Turin and Peking, MITO September Music, Festival of Banja Luca and Sarajevo, Borealis Brass Alaska Tour in USA, Canada and Australia, Progetto Sonora of the CEMAT – Season Proxima Centauri in Bordeaux, Conegliano  International Guitar Festival in Treviso, Nuovi Spazi Musicali Festival in Rome,  Rèsonance Contemporaine Festival in France, Soli Deo Gloria Festival of Reggio Emilia in collaboration with Open REC Festival  of Reggio Emilia,  Desde el Este al Oeste Festival of Rosario in Argentina, 5th Cycle of  Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires,  2010-2011 Friends of the Music Concert Season in Florence, Musici Mojanesi Festival, 37th International Building of Art of Montepulciano, Festival of Bellagio Como, Saison 2012 Société de Musique Contemporaine Lausanne )

She has written works for prestigious ensemble among which the Ensemble Algoritmo, Fontana mix, Icarus Ensemble,  Sestetto Stradivari, Antidogma Musica,  Freon Ensemble, Frame-duo, Duo Novecembalo, Finnish Ensemble Dissonanzen, Duo Pulakka-Leinonen, Ensemble de Six voix solistes of Alain Goudard (Rèsonance Contemporaine, Ensemble Spazio Musica, etc.

Winner in several national and international  competitions of composition, among which the Gesualdo da Venosa  – LUCUS Prize of Potenza presided by Ivan Fedele and the International Contest City of Barletta,  in 2006 she receives a special mention at the ICOMS in Turin and the TIM in Rome; she’s classed second at the International Contest Valentino Bucchi of Rome and  wins the 1st prize in the Sanremo International Competition Nouvelles Chansons et Musique with  awarding  of the medal of the President of the Chamber of the Deputies.

In 2008 she wins the 1st prize in the International Contest of Composition AGIMUS in Rome presided by Ada Gentile and by Sergio Perticaroli, and in 2009   the 1st  prize in the Contest Egidio Carella Val Tidone presided by Klaus Huber and the 1st Prize in the International Competition of Composition Musici Mojanesi in Mogliano Veneto.

She wins the 1st International Competition of Composition  MAGISTRALIA of Asturias for great symphonic  orchestra, with the Scene for Great Orchestra Le Gabbie di Danae performed at the Auditorium of Valladolid in 2007, with the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y Leòn directed by Alejandro Posada and in 2008 at the auditorium Principe Felipe in Oviedo with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias directed by Maximiano Valdés.  The work has been introduced in video at theuniversity of Oviedo  and broadcasted by the National radio of Spain with interviews of the TV Castilla Y León and of the  newspapers La Voz de Asturias, El Commercio, La Nueva España and El Mundo. She’s been selected by Fondazione Magistralia of Asturias as member of jury of the International Competition Magistralia  for the years 2008 and 2010, as representative for Italy. She’s been invited to give two lectures at theuniversity of Oviedo and  the Superior Conservatory of Music  Martinez Torner in the same city.

In 2009 she realizes two Multimedial works,  “Dialogo con Aner-Oios” interpreted by Carla Chiarelli and Riccardo Balbinutti at the percussions among which the Festival Artexperience in Milan (SIMC Italy) and “Mongolfiere” for  ensemble 4 amplify female voices and video, performed for the first time at the Town Theatre of Benevento with voice of Patrizia Greco, under the direction of Gabriele Bonolis.

In 2010 she wins the International Contest of Composition GERMI in Rome and the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition of Thessaloniki, Greece in collaboration with the National Academy of Music of the State ofColorado,USA.

In the same year her work for orchestra DHRUPÃD is performed    in the Season 2010/2011 of the Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo under the direction of Aldo Sisillo.

For 2012 new executions and numerous commissions are expected,  among which a new work  “La Voce di Orfeo” for   contralto recorder and harp commissioned by Tommaso Rossi for the duo  Lucia Bova-Tommaso Rossi  for the   Vatican Radio and the 37th International Building of Art of Montepulciano.

She wins  the 2st  the prestigious International Contest of Composition Italia 150″ 2011 – LAMS MATERA (Celebrations of the 150°anniversary of the Unity of Italy, with the composition “Silenzio! Chi ride?” for small orchestra and voice of soprano, in first absolute and in direct broadcast on RAI Radio 3 Suites from the Chamber orchestra of Matera with the voice of Laura Catrani under the direction of Marco Angius.

In the same year her work for symphonic orchestraSolo un lembo d’ombra inspired from  a text by M. Yourcenar, it was performed  at the “Festival Play-it!” Second Edition of the Regional Tuscany Orchestra  (ORT) directed by Francesco Lanzillotta and spread by RAI Radio 3 Suite interwiew with Guido Zaccagnini.

Recently she collaborated with Paolo Carlini to whom she dedicated the composition  “Gran Salto” for bassoon solo performed  at the  ” Suoni  Inauditi Festival ” Livorno 2013.

The ICO Foundation of Lecce, the  has commissioned a work for orchestra for  the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Gesualdo da Venosa , with the transcription of Gesualdo’s madrigal ” Al mio gioir il ciel si fa sereno” performed in “Summer Season 2013″ Tito Schipa Orchestra of Lecce under the direction of Massimo Quarta  

Her works are published by Rugginenti, Bèrben, ArsPublica, Ludo, Sconfinarte, Ut Orpheus, MAP Editions,  recorded by  Progetti Sonori of Pesaro-Urbino, MAP lira classica in Milan and CD Baby in Portland (USA) and broadcasted by the National Radio of Spain,  WPRW Classical channel Princeton New Jersey, RAI RADIO 3, Vatican Radio, Switzerland Radio of Lugano.

Winning of a competitive examination in the Conservatories, she is  professor at the Conservatory of Benevento.

Prizes and special mentions